Meeting Neil…Again! (or….That’s Not My Name)

Sorry to have been AWOL for so long. I had a MRSA infection in October and that ate up my semester, added to grad school applications and school in general. Things have been good: I took a new Sigma little sister, and my friends are wonderful, but it’s been rough.

Popping back in here for a follow up to here. You see, I live go to school in Atlanta, and Decatur is on the outskirts of that. In Decatur is Little Shop of Stories, and Little Shop of Stories won the Graveyard book contest to bring in Neil Gaiman. (Note: Did not go to party. Wanted to. Sorority annual party on same night. Roommate with car would not ditch)

Since in Dublin I got Katie’s book signed, we absolutely had to go together. Obviously. Even if Mom wanted me to go home Sunday. Psh. It’s Neil. So, we both called for tickets. I was on my way to the doctor’s (again), she was at work. Having missed the first ticket day being home for Thanksgiving, we were semi-frantic. I got my ticket in the cab on the way to the doctor; I got her text saying she had her ticket about half-an-hour later. She got overflow. I had a “golden ticket”!

We left school around three, first attempted to park by Little Shop, which was fail, because Agnes Scott is passed the questionable Dairy Queen. Decided to move the car (gimp girl’s face walking back to it? 😦 ) We ended up parked not far from Presser Hall where the event was being held.

We had to separate then for seating. I entertained myself until six, people watching. Neil draws quite a diverse crowd. He spoke, which was excellent as always, and read from Odd and the Frost Giants, which I had seen, but not purchased and was really pleased with. Kid with a Crutch, woo! He also read from The Graveyard Book, which was a bit like having my audiobook come to life.

Then, signing. Having been at the 500+ people event at Chapters with him and Amanda, I wasn’t surprised per say by how long it took. Also very pleased that they got the families with children out early, very forward thinking. I was frustrated, a tad, because my other friend had Christmas Party Plans and I kept having to text with the “almost, but it’s going to be a while news”. Also, with Katie in overflow, to even make it I had to arrange to be picked up. This is a point where I have to point out that it would have made a tad more sense to be able to get two tickets. I understand the why of the “no” there, but for Pete’s sake, she had the car.

Then I got to meet Neil. He recognized me from Dublin, we chatted a bit. I gave him Neverwhere to sign because (oh, don’t you know?) I have an INTERNSHIP IN LONDON for the summer!! Still working on funding, but so excited! Also, Blueberry Girl as a gift.

And, this is a negative that’s purely personal,… My name is spelled wrong. It’s the Post-It that they gave you to personalize’s fault, and mine for not checking it, not Neil’s. Still, my name is not “Chelesy” it is “Chelsey”. So tad disappointing there. And I gave it to Roomie to take back through the line, but she must not have said anything. I wanted to take it back up, but I hated to hold up anyone else’s night. No doubt I’ll see him again.

Still, feels a bit like the latte cup that says Chesley.

At any rate, it was lovely lovely lovely seeing Neil again, and props to Little Shop for a wonderful night! Missed Amanda Palmer, of course, but she’s in Boston doing Amanda-y things.

One Response to “Meeting Neil…Again! (or….That’s Not My Name)”

  1. zynga Says:

    i was starting to think that i might end up being the sole woman who thought about this, at the least at present i discover im not loonie 🙂 i am going to make sure to find out more about various various posts soon after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it really is tough to read without having my coffee, I was up late last night playing facebook poker and after getting my fill with a few ales i finished up getting rid of all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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