Presenting Myself

I was going to update immediately after my surgery,  but there was not much to say except “doing better than expected “and “ow”. This weekend, though, my friend Sarah and I drove over to Ft Walton where Mom’s conference was. I was presenting the “this is what happens when a child is mainstreamed” story and Sarah was my helper, pushing the wheelchair and such. Having her tagging along with me made me realize some things about perspective.

For her it was the first time hearing some of my story, including the difficulty I was going through when we first became friends. She was one of the first people from high school who I remember really asking for help after the eye surgery and leg infection that categorized my junior year. We had just become friends over the few days of the Florida State Thespian Festival in Tampa and she just happened to be near me in a crowd when I really needed an arm to hold onto. The rest is kind of history. She went to boarding school and we just kept in touch. We see each other every Thanksgiving, Christmas and summer and I’ve gone up to NYU to visit her a few times.

My point is this: she’s never known me not needing a little help, or cared, which is why it made it easier this weekend when she was helping with the chair. If I need it at school in a few weeks it might be harder because they’ve never really seen the worst. Perspective.

My leg seems to be doing pretty well. A little painful in places, with a massive splint, but he should reassess and hopefully bandage it more loosely on Monday. Here’s hoping.

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