surgery and stuff

I’m having surgery next month to remove some excess skin from my left leg. Both legs need it, but with two big commitments within weeks of each other and classes starting I can’t afford the downtime to do both at once. It’s a balancing act.

It’s taking care of body stuff as well as real stuff. It’s knowing how much help to as for to succeed well on your own. It’s ten minutes spent bandaging and ten on hair and make-up.

And it’s trying to figure out how much of you it makes up.

Someone at a meeting for a governmental disability funding issue asked me this week “how” my career choice was based on my disability. And, it isn’t.

Except, if I wasn’t disabled would I be aspiring to be… a travel writer? An actress? Would it be different?

Well, yeah. Because I’d be different. I wouldn’t have been sick as much as a kid, so maybe I wouldn’t have read as much. Maybe I’d be more socially awkward, because I could have disappeared more easily. Maybe I’d be less self-conscious.

But maybe not. This is what i have, this is what I’m working with. So no, my career choice is not based on my disability. But it plays a part, because it’s a part of me.

Not the whole. And I hope it never is the whole because then I have failed
Disability is a balancing act. It’s knowing how much to ask for, help wise, to make you able to succeed on your own. It’s taking care of bod


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