Oxford to Dublin: An Experience in Three Acts (Act Three)

Not many pictures this time because my camera was buried under copious clothes and books (five Neil and one CS Lewis I picked up at a shop Dani and I stopped into waiting for the restauran to open for lunch).

Scene: Dublin Bus Stop, eight in the morning, February eighteenth

I am waiting for the bus outside Nodis’s, watching people head to work, a couple with a baby-in-pushchair going down the street. Just, having lives. Airport to wheelchair to cart. The guy let me off at my gate then said ‘there’s some time before your flight and a cafe down there’. I wonder if  ‘I NEED a coffee was written on my face’…?

The airport is really nice but I think Stansted wins as far as wheelchair. They didn’t take me to the plane there, for instance, and I boarded last but my seat was reserved. All-in-all wheelchair worked okay with Ryanair despite Statler’s warnings. I read and slept on the plane then got to Stansted about an hour and a half before my coach. The coach station had internet so I sent in my tutorial paper. Hee hee.

On the platform (Outside the station I guess) I saw a boy (about my age) in a orange messanger hat looking very European with a French/English dictionrary he was reading. “Francais?” I asked. He nodded but that’s all. i wish he’d continued, I felt too rude to ask questions but other people always seem to have experiences where they meet people and have long conversations in these situations.

The bus was not as bad this time, though it felt interminable. It took longer than the ticket said and I don’t know why. Traffic wasn’t bad, we didn’t stay long at stops… who knows. Back in Oxford the sun was setting under a light drizzle and I felt at home. I dashed into Boots to get bandages to put myself back together. I am determined to care well for these injuries and not let them ruin my last weeks here. i am also going to focus on Oxford. London and Dublin were amazing but expect Oxford posts for a while.

Unpacked remnants:

My books are stacked on my fireplace, and I have this:


And go to Dublin if you can!

Act One

Act Two

4 Responses to “Oxford to Dublin: An Experience in Three Acts (Act Three)”

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  2. Danielle Lavigne Says:

    Hey girl!

    I had a fab time getting to know you! You’re such an amazing girl. If you ever need more Dublin exploring, you know you’ve gotta look us up! 🙂 Oh, and you’re a wonderful writer, too, it seems. I should probably have guessed by your beautifully prosed emails. 😉

    OK, I gotta email you soon, once I’ve gotten some actual work done! Or not done. Whichevers!


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