Swatching, Baking and I should be Packing!

As I said before, the finishing of my socks and all meant that it was time to swatch for Wicked! I love the yarn I chose, and my stitch gauge is right on! It seemed to grow a bit in blocking, which means I’ll probably do the smallest size, since Wicked seems to run large. My row gauge is off by a bit, but most of it is measured in inches, so that’s okay!

Today I also baked a bit. I made dinner for my mom, actually, my first time really cooking from scratch! (I don’t count steaks on the Foreman, I could do that at eleven). I’ve baked from scratch before, but chicken terayoki is new. (Thank you Cooking Outside the Pizza Box: Easy Recipes for Today’s College Student)

I even got my brother in on the plan, he took my little brother for the afternoon (Brother 1 is 35 with a kid of his own) and Mom didn’t know until this morning πŸ˜€

And the only thing tht went wrong was that I lost a battle with a can of mandarin oranges!

The brownies were from:Baking with Splenda and they tasted really good. I had to used our whipped butter though, instead of margarine, and so they were a little crumbly and hard to spread as batter. Still taste good. They have M&Ms, chocolate chips and nuts in them πŸ˜€

I love baking, being able to go from this:batter to this:brownies (yes, i know, lumpy. But good)

I’m planning on baking something about once a week once at school, so keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of school. I leave tomorrow. And yet I’m sitting here on my computer (In my defense, I had to reformat it and I’m getting everything stored again).

Mom and I have been sewing skirts for me, but the elastic she got at Jo Ann’s didn’t spring back well, so she’ll have to start over and send them to me. Plus her surger didn’t work. So much for really learning to sew this summer.

Summer…. which is basically over. Dang. I really can’t believe it.

Oh well, onward to a new semester!


3 Responses to “Swatching, Baking and I should be Packing!”

  1. Betharoopie Says:

    Have a safe trip back – say HEY to Oglethorpe for me! It’s been so long since I’ve been back – I think the last time I was there was for 1999 Alumni weekend….?

  2. grace Says:

    I will reveal myself now, your camp box was sent to your school address this morning, have a great semester and I hope you enjoy your swag!!!!

  3. Lauren Says:

    oooh, you said Wicked runs a bit large? hmmm when I swatched it was a bit smaller than the recommended sizing so I made it a size bigger. I hope it isn’t too big for me when I am finished.
    I do LOVE the color you picked though! πŸ™‚

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